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Gene Bissey wanted a stained glass lamp but couldn't afford one, so he decided to teach himself how to make one instead. This was the birth of Bissey Glassworks. What started out as a tinkerer's hobby would grow over 47 years from the 10x12 front bedroom workshop in Gene's house to the 2400 sq ft studio that Bissey Glassworks currently occupies. 

In 1990, twenty years after Gene started Bissey Glassworks, his youngest son, Jason, joined the business.  Artistically inclined and already experienced from helping his dad around the shop since he was was a boy, Jason officially became the growing business's designer. The father son team worked side by side for 15 years building beautiful glass art. In 2000 Jason took over for Gene becoming Bissey Glassworks' head designer, primary installer, and new owner. 

Our Story

Bissey Glass has always been a family business. Jason's son Nathaniel and stepdaughter Liz have both learned the trade and worked with their dad fabricating the intricate designs Jason creates for his clients. His wife Lisa handles the books in addition to being a middle school teacher. If you visit the shop, just down the road a few blocks from its original birthplace, you'll be greeted by the family dog Teddy, a friendly Shiba Inu, Bissey Glass's mascot. She'll be the one that looks like a little fox.

At Bissey Glassworks, we know the process of deciding to add a stained or sandblasted piece to your home, business, or place of worship can be complicated. But don't fret! Just beyond smiling Teddy, Jason himself is ready to answer all your questions, and design with you the glass art masterpiece of your dreams!

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